So, who am I?

As much as I can get down and dirty, I love to dress up every once in a while! When I am not behind a computer, you can find me riding my bike, attempting to crochet, and being used as a human trampoline.

My mission is to equip overwhelmed first time moms with the tools they need to feel empowered so they can thrive and enjoy motherhood, while shattering unrealistic expectations cause by social media.

Shattering unrealistic expectations

I believe it's crucial to create a community that has a positive influence on a mom's live that goes beyond the online sphere. With more conflicting information online than ever before, first time moms are entering motherhood more confused and overwhelmed.

That's why it's my goal to help you feel confident in your choices as a new mom and create connections that go beyond the internet so you can empower others to do the same.

My blog

I'll let you in on some trade secrets and share my top tips on how to successfully promote your brand online.